The most affordable android smartwatches below 5000 INR

Are you looking for low-priced smartwatches? You can check few smartwatches which is mentioned below which lies under 5000INR. People buy smartwatches because of various features like attend calls, see mails, and to receive notifications. All the mentioned function can be used via smartwatches. With the increase in technology, you will find latest innovations in the market. Most of the people love to wear watches, and if the same watch does all the functions which is performed by the smartphone then everyone is willing to purchase such gadget. So here we have listed few smartwatches which comes under 5000INR.

Spice Smart Plus

Spice Smart Plus is the beautiful smartwatch which comes with a price of 4,000INR and is released in the month of July 2014. This device can perform various functions at single point in time. This device is equipped by Java operating system. Spice smart plus is compatible with various android smartphone devices which supports Bluetooth functionality. You can use this gadget for various functionalities like listening music as you can listen various music on this smartwatch, calling feature, image and picture viewing, you can browse any topic on the device as it comes with web browser, messenger, mailing, and many other functions. The device delivers very nice battery in order to provide amazing battery life.


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Noise Digital Black Dial Smartwatch

Noise Digital Black Dial smart watch is very elegant and stylish device which you can wear to enhance your looks, personality and for its precision function. The device comes with user-friendly interface which is compatible with android and iPhone smartphone devices. In order to make connection between the smart watch with android device, you have to use its feature Bluetooth. The device is available in the market and you can purchase this gadget either from online market or from offline market. The smart watch is released in September 2015. This device is very comfortable to wear and has the ability to perform tracking function, comes with expandable memory, and has dedicated SIM slot. You can purchase this gadget with a price of 2,000INR.

Impulse Bluetooth Smartwatch

Impulse Bluetooth Smartwatch was first available in August 2015 on online stores. This incredible device not only used for attending calls and see messages but this device is also used for various other functions like listening music anywhere at any time, alarm function, gives you notifications. You can also capture various pictures via its remote camera. You can also use this gadget to monitor your fitness as this gadget monitors your sleeping time, total steps you have taken while walking, and running, sedentary reminder, and many others. In order to track your daily activities, the device comes with stopwatch feature.

You can purchase this gadget with a price of 5000INR.

Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 is not only known as smart watch but it is also known as fitness tracker. This device is first available in the market in September 2016. You can purchase this gadget either from online stores or from offline stores. The device comes with a plastic body and has aluminum casing on it and is built up with Anti sweat Thermoplastic elastomer. The device comes with an aluminum band. Mi Band 2 tracks your sleeping time as well as tells you about the quality sleep you have taken last night as it comes with sensors. Not only sleeping pattern but the device monitors your heart rate and calculate total calories you have burned. The device comes with waterproof body and is IP67 certification. You can purchase this gadget with a price of 2,000INR.

Most of the smartwatches listed above may just miss out on some features, checkout best cheap smartwatches that will fit in your budget and are android compatible as well.


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